Girl, Please: Gisele Fetterman Likens Herself to a Rape Victim as House of Cards Comes Tumbling Down . / Shameless Raquel Leviss Flexing Tom Sandoval Affair? / Spurgeon, her four-year-old son, is actually the one who showed the viewers around the home. Jessa Seewald (ne Duggar) and Ben Seewald have officially moved into their new fixer upper home and the family has made so much progress since they started Seewald has also been criticized in the past for a post showing the various messes in her house: dusty furniture, dishes piled in the sink, cluttered floors, a heap of used diapers piled on top of her dresser. But what rules? The report continued that smoke and flames were evident upon arrival and the fire was ultimately extinguished with no damage to the home. Hes both tender and bold, loving and full of laughter., A post shared by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald). Sometimes we fail to communicate our plans and our goals, or we overbook and run ourselves ragged." / In her caption, she doted on her son on his special day. Recently, fans chimed in about how reckless it was to let her kids use a permanent marker to color on her new cabinets in the comments section of a video. The couple announced the exciting news that "Baby Seewald #4 has arrived!" Duggar went on to cite a passage from Josh Henderson's Catching Foxes that references marriage. Many of her followers like the Duggar family, which is why shes gotten a lot of attention so far. SW History: How Old Was Robyn Brown When She Married Kody? But, as seen in this exclusive clip from the season premiere of TLCs hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting, things could get interesting now that Seewald, 19, is at the Duggar home. Of course, others pointed out that "any comments on a child's weight are gross" in the hopes of ending the conversation. @KEichamer. . In the video, Seewald explained the emotional experience of losing her baby and having the D&C procedure, admitting, Its hard, but we do know the truth that God is good, and He does care for us.. @laurenelizevans But after revealing the devastating loss, the grieving mother has issued what appears to be a response to those who seized upon the tragic On Tuesday, Jessa returned toInstagramwith a couple of new posts. Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald have four other children together. The Duggars are famously pro-life. Jessa, Ben and their children, Spurgeon, seven, Henry, five, Ivy, three, and Fern, one, moved into the home in August. One individual wrote, "Some marriages, depending on the individual personalities, are more difficult than others, causing daily frustration and mental fatigue. By signing up to the Blaze News newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from Blaze Media that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Jessa Duggar discusses her recent miscarriage, which was treated by performing a D&Cthat is, an abortion, Melissa Murray, a law professor at New York University, wrote on Twitter. While many offered Seewald their condolences on social media, some pro-abortion activists claimed she had an abortion. Jessa Duggar Seewald and Ben Seewald decide to set new rules for their childs safety after a terrible incident at home. Your email address will not be published. However, many of Seewald's fans defended the former reality TV star and her family. But its big on love., For Jessa and Ben Seewalds exclusive home interview, as well as the latest on Jill and Derick Dillards birth plans, pick up this weeks issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday. But while she can rightly praise the problem solving, Jessa Duggar acknowledged its better to remind her kids of something else. The photo was of three of her kids snacking on some cotton candy at an event for a friend's new business. All rights reserved. In a Feb. 24 video posted to the "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" star's YouTube channel, Seewald took viewers inside her pregnancy journey with husband Ben Seewald and their children, Spurgeon, 7, Henry, 6, Ivy, 3, and Fern, 1. ', Jill Dillard: Why New Mom's C-Section Won't Keep Her from Having 'as Many Kids as God Will Bless Me with', Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Celebrates Baby Shower As Due Date Approaches: 'She's Looking the Part,' Source Says, Jessa Tries on Wedding Gowns as TLC Announces Record-Breaking Ratings for '19 Kids & Counting', Inside Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald's Wedding Rehearsal. JESSA Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have suffered a massive fire on their Arkansas property after a homeless man moved into their shed for warmth., Jessa, 30, and Ben, 27, bought the Fayetteville, Arkansas home in 2017 before renovating and moving into a church-owned house earlier this year., According to Arkansas property records, the home once featured on Counting On still remains in their names despite moving., The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal a fire broke out on the property., In the incident report obtained by The U.S. Sun, firefighters responded to a fire call on December 23 at 7:07am at the reality stars' address., The fire took place in the outside shed 100 feet away from the home., The report read: A man was walking down the street and had emerged from the shed. After they got engaged, they started holding hands. JESSA Duggar displayed the messy living room at her in-laws' house with toys and clothes strewn about the floor. Around Christmas, Seewald miscarried what would have been her fifth child. Her children have been in the public eye since before they were born and have grown an extensive following. Spurgeon 6, and Henry five, and daughter Ivy three and one-year-old Fern.she often shares adorable photos of her life raising her big family, and shes never been one to shy away from sharing the complex situations you can find yourselves in as a parent. The couple announced their first pregnancy five months after their nuptials. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kristen Eichamer is a senior media analyst at The Heritage Foundation. The new video is titled, Happy News and a House Move! Ben and Jessas video featured a clip of them sitting Trump Pledges to Complete the Mission at CPAC, Chinas Xi Set to Consolidate Control as Legislature Convenes, America Not Past Her Prime, Nikki Haley Tells CPAC. Her sister-in-law Lauren Duggar also made a nursery tour video for Instagram, as reported by TV Shows Ace. In the comments section of the post, fans weighed in with their thoughts about Duggar's message. By Riley Cardoza. - September 20, 2022 10:05 pm EDT, Jessa Duggar is sparking rumors that there's trouble in paradise in her marriage to Ben Seewald, as The Sun reported. 2023 Blaze Media LLC. First in the comments and fans also chuckled at the look on Henrys face. While a D&C procedure can be used to perform elective abortions, its far from the procedures only use. As a woman, mother, and OB/GYN, I am outraged. Duggar fans seem to appreciate her honesty. Required fields are marked *. Leave a comment below. The man stated that he had a warming fire inside the shed and it had gotten away from him., Weather conditions were negative 25 degrees with windchill at the time of the fire. subscribeNewsLetterfor more News on your Email dont miss any update. Jessa Duggar Seewald posted a video to You Tube about her recent pregnancy, which went poorly and ended with an abortion. And it's already just as messy as Meri Brown Continues To Be Robyn & Kodys Third Wheel? Jessa Duggar Seewald recently took to Instagram to share a real-life dangerous parenting situation, and it sparked quite the conversation. Donate now. 2022 Blaze Media LLC. I love having a tiny house. But when you have purposed to keep those protections in your life, you have to remember and have that accountability.. She shared about the familys Christmas and gave a tutorial on how she built Seewald had posted a video discussing the tragic loss of her unborn baby, and noted that she underwent a D&C, but some leftists pounced on the news to suggest that the pro-life Christian woman got an abortion. Woke heiress Abigail Disney, the grandniece of Walt Disney and granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, has used former 19 and Counting star Jessa Duggars miscarriage to push abortion propaganda. Jessa Seewald, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars 19 kids, is becoming popular on YouTube. Previously, the family lived in a home not far from Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggars house in Arkansas. There were no injuries to civilians or fire personnel. Join the millions of people who benefit from The Daily Signals fair, accurate, trustworthy reporting with direct access to: Dont have time to read the Washington Post or New York Times? Jessa Duggar Seewald utilizes social media to keep fans of her family's now-canceled reality shows up to date with her family. 2:33. She wrote in the caption proof they can disappear behind a door for 30 seconds to change a diaper, and lay a baby down for a nap, while continuing to use their sixth sense to perceive any possible danger in the rest of the house. While some shared their thoughts about marriage, others had another topic on their minds whether Duggar was pregnant. Kristen Eichamer Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's House Is Messy and Dangerous Our Eyes Hurt From Seeing Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewalds Cluttered Mess of a House Theres toilet paper balled up in the toilet. Though the tour video was posted on Jessas YouTube channel, she had some help making the video. Bypass the censors, sign up for our newsletters, and get stories like this direct to your inbox. Woke heiress Abigail Disney, the grandniece of Walt Disney and granddaughter of Roy O. 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In addition to that crazy refrigerator, Jessa, 22 and Ben, 19, show off their favorite gifts, wedding mementos, their perfectly organized spice rack and some of Bens artwork. Hes the first one up in the morning, grabbing a book and sitting next to me on the couch as I have my quiet time.. But for now, I love it. Updated: 19:06, 2 Jun 2022 JESSA Duggar and husband Ben Seewalds church home is STILL under construction after the stars dumped their savings into the Hes so gentle and caring towards his baby sister and absolutely adores her. Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar Seewald have experienced a devastating loss. The passage states that marriage isn't the epitome of "sweetness" because of a lack of "sinfulness," but is instead a "delight" because of "redeeming and reconciling grace. @Virginia_Allen5. The mom of three typically posts But what rules? Although, her caption also referenced how she and Seewald navigate these challenges and how they "respond to one another. Joshs wife Anna was by his side every day at the nearly two-week-long trial. In the meantime, shes soaking up lots of quality time with her four kiddos. ", Duggar wrote that in their marriage, "offenses inevitably happen," but that it's how they deal with them that makes or breaks their relationship. The This week, she revealed that one of her children, in particular, is a little ray of sunshine in her life. I didnt even have words, I just immediately started crying.. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. It does not need to be tried. In Arkansas, as in other states that have abortion bans, the D&C procedure is still used in cases such as miscarriage. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Send an email to Virginia. Girl, Please: Gisele Fetterman Likens Herself to a Rape Victim as House of Cards Comes Tumbling Down . Spurgeon is holding the stool to stabilize, while Henry climbs of it. Alongside the image, the former reality star reflected on her marriage. Jessa shared a picture of her two boys in a situation thats likely to causebevery parents heart to jump. We have to think of everything, and yet they still surprise, and shock us with the trouble they can find themselves in which is a message. 2:33. Jessa Duggar is a mother to four children. We have a guesthouse in front of our house, with a shower and everything, separate from the main house.. She said, This little guy turned 6 this month. She would need to have a dilation and curettage procedure, also known as a D&C, to remove the tiny body of her deceased baby from her uterus. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald Shares Baby Bump Pic: '31 Weeks and 4 Days!' Recently, Duggar Seewald had her parenting called into question yet again on an Instagram post. The Daily Signal depends on the support of readers like you. That is surprising.. On todays edition of the Problematic Women podcast, we define what an abortion actually is and explain why Seewalds critics are misinformed. / The kids are still so young that we can make it work pretty easily. Most recently, Jessa shared a video of her home. Jessa Duggar Seewald, best known for her role on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, recently shared in a YouTube video that she miscarried what would In January 2022, Jessa revealed that she and her family would be moving. All rights reserved. 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Sign up for our newsletter and other special offers: Jinger Duggar Vuolo Opens Up About Finding New Perspective on Alcohol, Birth Control and Courtship Rules, Jessa Duggar 'Angry' at Speculation She Didn't Attend Sister Jill's Baby Shower: 'Simply Not True', Joy-Anna Duggar and Husband Austin Forsyth Are Expecting Their Third Child: 'We're Ready to Expand', 'Counting On' 's John David Duggar Is Expecting His Second Child with Wife Abbie, Jill Duggar Dillard Reflects on Miscarriage One Year Later: 'Feelings of Loss and Joy', Jill Duggar Shares First Photos of Baby Frederick: 'Our Boy Tribe Has Expanded! Still, does it make all the chaperones jobs a little bit harder? The ultrasound revealed I had a missed miscarriage. Jokingly Jessa wondered if she accidentally taught her kids this unsafe trick now, that I think about it when the boys were tiny. She continued to include a passage from the apostle Paul and noted that her husband "daily models to me this Christlike love." Many wished the little boy a happy sixth birthday, while others mentioned they couldnt believe how quickly he has grown up. Im pretty sure I used a similar tactic with a step ladder on top of an outdoor table to hang their swing from a tree branch. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald wed in November 2014 and have been growing their family ever since. Austin Bailey. 2:33. Everything about his life. Something Doesnt Add Up. My first was 2 weeks postpartum Ivy's birth for retained placenta.)" After sharing the news with their family, Jessa said that they spent the next several months staying in because all of the kids kept Why A Recent Photo Of Jessa Duggar Seewald's Son Is Causing Controversy. Inside Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewalds HomeTake A Tour Of The 19 Kids And Counting Newlyweds House. 13 By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kyle Richards, Mauricio Umansky Split Rumors Surface: See Clue. It was my second. 7. Sometimes, Jessas followers ask about the size of their home. In addition to writing about and watching TV, she enjoys spending time with her family and cats, baking, reading, and doing DIY projects. JESSA Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have suffered a massive fire on their Arkansas property after a homeless man moved into their shed for warmth. She shared about the familys Christmas and gave a tutorial on how she built the treehouse in the backyard. Stay with US MagNews until the end of "There's a world of difference between someone dying and someone being killed. Jessa, 29, and Ben, 26, bought the home from her late grandma Mary Duggar for $100,000 in June 2017. (Btw, this was not my first D&C it was my second. Jessas most recent public appearance was at her brother Joshs child pornography hearing earlier this month. Jessa Duggar's new house is a fixer-upper they're making their own. Duggar fans think they might have just caught Jessa Seewald trying to hide her belly as pregnancy rumors run rampant. Jessa, Im so sorry that they weaponized the loss of your precious baby., Jessa Duggar shares on her Instagram today that her baby had passed away three weeks before she had a D&C, correcting the cruel slander from pro-abortion activists that she had an elective abortionJessa, Im so sorry that they weaponized the loss of your precious baby. To follow Jessa Duggar on Instagram and YouTube or TikTok, you can click on the links below to go to Jessas page. Related Post: 1-Emily Bieberly, her husband, and everything you need to know 2- Kim Kardashian boyfriend 2022. Many users with great style show off their homes and give their viewers tips. The center of the controversy was her eldest childSpurgeon Seewald'sweight. Get the news that matters most delivered directly to your inbox. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. At the time of publishing, Duggar Seewald doesn't appear to have responded to any of the comments regarding her son's weight. @laurenelizevans. AmidJosh's sentencing, he was transferred to federal prison for the crime and faces 20 years for each count. Henry is a ray of sunshine in our home! What Are The Banned Laws In Qatar For World Cup? Try the Morning Bell and get the days most important news and commentary from a team committed to the truth in formats that respect your timeand your intelligence. Jill Dillard: Why New Mom's C-Section Won't Keep Her from Having 'as Many Kids as God Will Bless Me with' Henry has that caught red-handed look, and the look like a hoe dont turn around Spurgeon. Josh, 34, was found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography on December 9. Screenshot taken from video on the Jessa Seewald YouTube channel. Its not clear if Henry is trying to get up on the Stacked pile or if the photo was taken as he was climbing down. And why did it become famous? For more information about our use of cookies, our collection, use, and disclosure of personal information generally, and any rights you may have to access, delete, or opt out of the sale of your personal information, please view our, 8-year-old boy finds out his favorite Waffle House waiter was forced to live in a motel and raises $69k to help him, 31-year-old woman impregnated by 13-year-old boy won't face any jail time, Man allegedly strangled woman to death after meeting her on the dark web and left her naked body behind a dumpster on Valentine's Day, Newly released footage reportedly shows white Ohio elementary students dragged, beaten, and forced by black peers to pledge loyalty to BLM, Newly released footage shows horrific moment a suspect fleeing police in stolen vehicle smashed into a sedan, bringing down a building, 'F****** AMATEUR HOUR': Furious Democrats lash out at Biden for announcement on radical DC crime law, Thug breaks through child's bedroom window in middle of night but Dad gets whole family out of home, grabs machete, and takes hack at crook, Gun-toting road-rage motorist shot dead after armed man warns him to stop approaching him and his wife; cops say it looks like self-defense, Teen bragged in rap song about killing another rapper, sheriff says, but cried 'like a baby that lost his pacifier' when charged with murder, Florida man allegedly told roommate, 'Im going to go over there and kill them all' before murdering his daughter and 3 others, OJ Simpson asked to comment on Murdaugh murder trial: 'I dont know why they think Im an expert on it' gives his opinions anyway, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. By Stephanie Downs By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Jessa Duggar Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage, A headline from an article in the Arkansas Times, a left-leaning alternative weekly, responding to Seewalds miscarriage, read: Health care for me but not for thee: a Duggar had an abortion., Sex and relationships coach Anne Hodder-Shipp said on TikTok, Jessa Duggar, dedicated anti-abortion, anti-choice abortion campaigner, had the choice to have an abortion procedure in order to complete her nonviable pregnancy.. Heartbreak Over the Back in the spring of 2021, Jessa and husband Ben Seewald began renovations on a 2,000 square foot home thats about twice the size of their current She added. Why did he die? Since many of her followers like her style, it only made sense for Jessa to film a home tour. Her audience seems to appreciate the insight she offers. Former Counting On star and Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald is sharing all about her ray of sunshine on a very special day. WebJessa Lauren Seewald (ne Duggar; born November 4, 1992) [2] is an American television personality. "Women have D&C's for many reasons, not all of which involve killing a living human being. The mom of three typically posts videos of her kids on YouTube. After learning that Henry recently celebrated his birthday, fans flooded the comments section of Jessa Seewalds new post with lots of sweet messages. Its not perfect, but its real. Jessa Duggar Seewald revealed that she had a miscarriage while pregnant with her fifth child. FormerCounting Onstar and Duggar daughter Jessa Seewald is sharing all about her ray of sunshine on a very special day. The 30-year-old posted a rare photo on social media, talking about an important person in her life. The answers may surprise you. She began her caption by writing that she "married up in every way" and that she's "not ashamed to admit it!" The criticisms came after the 29-year-old mom posted a new YouTube vlog. Sunny Hostin Shares Shocking Marriage Confession. Without A Crystal Ball was the first to note the news of the divorce, with The Sun confirming that Jessica Seewald had, in fact, filed for divorce on May 21. Jessa Duggar opened up about her recent miscarriage and the emotional pain she experienced after learning that her baby did not People magazine and other They always have a chaperone, Jim Bob explains. The mom of three typically posts videos of her kids on YouTube. In Touch Weekly - A new outlook. Jessa Seewald, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars 19 kids, is becoming popular on YouTube. Tags: Counting On, Duggar, Duggar family, Henry Seewald, Jessa Seewald, TLC, Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. / @Virginia_Allen5 He has a super creative mind, and hes constantly inventing new Lego creations. The ultrasound revealed that I had a missed miscarriage. In recent months, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have been much more open about their relationship than most Duggar couples. Elective abortions are performed with the intent of ending the life of a child growing inside a mother. While there is a fenced backyard, there is no fence in the front yard, where Jessa often posts photo and videos of the children playing. On. They married in November 2014. She is the co-host of "The Daily Signal Podcast" and "Problematic Women." Jessa Duggar returned with another YouTube video about the house she and Ben Seewald are renovating. VPR Season 10 Promo Teased Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss Affair? As you can see in the picture, it was a terrifying scene for Ben Seewald and his wife. D&Cs are a common procedure following a miscarriage. Jessa Seewald and her husband Ben have four kids, Spurgeon, Henry, Ivy, and Fern. / What do you think about these naughty children? Updated: 19:06, 2 Jun 2022 JESSA Duggar and husband Ben Seewalds church home is STILL under construction after the stars dumped their savings into the remodel. He moved up here a few weeks ago, Jim Bob, 49, tells PEOPLE exclusively. Its gonna be really, really hard for me to part with this house, but I know we cant live here forever. We speak hastily and have to repent of our thoughtlessness. My first was two weeks postpartum Ivys birth for retained placenta, she said. All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Austin Bailey. Plus a super relatable rule by another parent who explained just because you think it might fit up your nose. Make sure you see our stories daily directly to your inbox. The couple began courting in September 2013. Michaiah Hank, Who is the Daughter of Chet Hanks? So, what do you think of Jessa Seewalds new post about her ray of sunshine on his special day? The former star of 19 Kids and Counting recently revealed that she miscarried in COUNTING On alums Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, live in an Arkansas home with their four young children located just steps from a busy highway. is alma fillcot based on a real person,